Test Management Forum - 28 January 2015

The 45th Test Management Forum will take place on Wednesday 28 January 2014 at the conference centre at Balls's Brothers, Minster Pavement

Generously sponsored by Quotium and Grid Tools.

Eventbrite - Test Management Forum - Wednesday 28 January 2015


13:00pm Tea/Coffee
13:45pm Introductions

Llyr Wyn Jones, Grid Tools, "A Critique of Testing (Design)"

Niels Malotaux, Project and Management Coach, "How to Move towards Zero Defects"

Adam Brown, Quotium, "Agility in Security Testing"

15:15pm Tea/Coffee

Stephen Janaway, Net a Porter, "'How to Focus On Testing When There Are No Test Managers"

Mark Gilby, Sopra, "Non Functional Testing in an Agile world"

 Joanna Newman, Ericsson, "Tapping millennials: Techniques to attract, retain and motivate millenials"

17:00pm Drinks Reception


Stephen Janaway, Pret a Porter, How to Focus On Testing When There Are No Test Managers

About 3 months ago my employer decided to remove the Test Management role and transition to a purely product management based structure. This has meant many changes to testing, touching everything from test management to test planning and ​test ​execution. In this session we will look at what changes were made, why and how the changes happened​, ​and discuss whether this new view of test management is a better fit for the future​ in general​.

I believe test management needs to adapt more quickly to the new world of cross-functional, agile teams and continuous delivery. I hope through t​h​​is workshop and​ structured discussion that the audience ​will be able to compare the changes that I've experienced to their own situation, and decide whether there's a need for change in their own roles and the Test Manager role in general.​

Key Points:

  • The role of Test Management in the agile world today.
  • How Test Managers can adapt.
  • Ways in which the whole team benefits from a new approach to the Test Management role.
  • ​How to form a strong​ testing community and foster bottom up learning.
  • ​Sharing of​ experiences of having gone through the ​move away from Test Manager.
  • How you can prepare for the future.​

Niels Malotaux, Project and Management Coach, How to move towards Zero Defects

How many defects would you like to find? How many issues would you accept the users to experience? If you don’t think the answer should be “Zero!” you’d better come and discuss, otherwise your team may gradually be put out of business by those who did learn to achieve Zero Defects.

Of course it’s the development team that should prevent defects and make sure the users don’t experience any problem. Some testers fear that if there are no defects, they may not be needed anymore. Don’t worry. We should better discuss what the testers can do to help the developers to achieve this goal. Testing becomes even more challenging and interesting once no issues are found.

In this session I’d like to discuss with you what Zero Defects actually means. That it is not ‘turning a switch’ upon which we suddenly don’t make mistakes anymore. That it is an attitude, which results in improving the quality of the deliveries dramatically almost overnight. What ‘Root Cause Analysis’ really means, as, also among testers, there seems to be a misunderstanding here. And how a simple mantra: “No questions, no issues” proved a good technique for turning the Zero Defects concept into practice.

Abstracts to follow.

Generously sponsored by Quotium and Grid Tools.


Eventbrite - Test Management Forum - Wednesday 28 January 2015

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